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Visual Tree Assessments

V.T.A’s identify possible hazards etc, giving our clients a structured and well planned management system to help maintain and care for their trees.

The method of a Visual Tree Assessment – (V.T.A) – is a method of tree diagnosis that is used worldwide and is legally accepted.

It interprets the body language of trees, linking internal defects to the tree’s own repair-structures, confirming and measuring these defects and finally assessing them with failure criteria and from these deducing measures of “therapy” of the tree.

The safe retention of trees is our ethos and accordingly, trees that are only apparently dangerous should be distinguished from trees that are really dangerous, thus avoiding unnecessary fellings and also accidents caused by tree failure.

The structural condition of a tree should always be carefully examined and assessed even if the tree appears healthy.

V.T.A’s – Visual Tree Assessments are essential for high risk areas, such as used for the enjoyment by the general public, including schools, activity areas, parks, residential streets, gardens, car parks, housing estates and woodland areas.



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