Members of The Bat Conservation Trust

We are now active members of The Bat Conservation Trust - B.C.T, supporting the only national organisation solely devoted to the conservation of bats and their habitats in the UK.

With 18 species of bats currently residing in the uk, 17 of which are known to breed here.

Bats & roosts are protected by law, which means it is illegal to disturb, kill or injure them, or to damage, destroy or obstruct an access to a bat roost.

Bats roost in a whole host of things, ranging from hollow cavity's in trees to caves & roofs of buildings ranging from church roofs to loft in your house, although the extent is varied with different species. Tree roosts are often destroyed by tree pruning & removing excess dead wood & felling, so its really important to be able to spot the signs before carrying out such tree works or when considering removing trees etc. We can come out & offer sound advise and carry out climbing inspections prior to engaging any tree contractual works, to check for any active roosts.

If in doubt always call the Bat Helpline on 0845 1300 228 who will be more than happy to help & offer friendly advise on what to do.

We can also offer to put up bat boxes up trees or on buildings, offering you advise on different type of boxes available.

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